The Climate Museum

Mobilizing the power of museums to spark dialogue and action on the climate crisis


For the past year and a half, the Climate Museum has presented programming across the arts and sciences to support cultural change and build civic action in response to the climate crisis.

The Climate Museum provides a home for vibrant and robust engagement with the crisis, reaching many who might otherwise be left out of the conversation. The majority of people in the United States are worried about climate change but rarely even discuss it. With early planning of a year-round location in progress, our vision is to extend the critical, transformative work being done by the youth and general climate movements, inviting a broader public into a new climate citizenship.

The Museum will be a landmark in the New York City cultural landscape, drawing us together around the social justice, public health, and urban design challenges and opportunities presented by this unprecedented emergency.

Climate Signals was the Climate Museum’s second exhibition, and was presented in partnership with The New York City Mayor’s Office - Climate Policy and Programs, New York City Department of Parks and Recreations, The Trust for Governors Island, and many others.